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Human Synoviocytes (HSn)


Catalogue Number

Human Synoviocytes – cryopreserved


Human Synoviocytes – proliferating in Tflascs



TCS human synoviocytes are fibroblast-like cells isolated from the synovial tissues of patients with rheumatoid

arthritis undergoing joint replacement procedures. These cells are known to contribute to joint destruction by

release of inflammatory cytokines and matrix metalloproteinases.

Cryopreserved: Each vial of cryopreserved human synoviocytes contains a minimum of 500,000 cells, guaranteed

to be

³70% viable after thawing. Cells are frozen at the end of the primary culture in a medium containing


Proliferating: Proliferating HSns are supplied as sub-confluent monolayers in their second passage. Flasks are

completely filled with medium to prevent mechanical damage to cells at the air/liquid interface during shipping.

Recommended Media

SynovioMax or Human Synoviocyte Growth Supplement 19-SYNMAX)

Recommended Seeding Density

2,500-5000 viable cells per cm


Proliferation capacity

Normal human cells have a limited life span

in vitro. When cells are cultured using our recommended reagents and

procedures, GENTAUR guarantee cryopreserved human synoviocytes for

³10 population doublings, and

proliferating cells for 7 population doublings.

Storage and maintenance of cells

Cryopreserved and proliferating cells must be dealt with according to the following guidelines

immediately on their


Cryopreserved human synoviocytes will arrive frozen on dry ice, and if not seeded immediately must be

transferred to the vapour phase of a liquid nitrogen storage facility.

N.B. Continued storage on dry ice or at –70oC is

NOT appropriate.

Proliferating cultures of human synoviocytes cells must be transferred to 37

°C and dealt with according to the

guidelines sent with this data sheet

Batch Specific Information

For all batch specific information, including donor information, characterisation of cells and cell viability please refer

to the accompanying certificate of analysis

For research use only, not for diagnostic or therapeutic use.

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