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Normal Human Chondrocytes


  Normal Human Chondrocytes are used for

experimental applications in joint research,

physiology, cellular function and differentiation.

Cryopreserved 19-CHON are shipped in second

passage. Proliferating 19-CHON are shipped in third

passage in T-flasks.

Chondrocytes are specialized cells which

produce and maintain the extracellular matrix of

cartilage and are the only cellular component of

cartilage. Although cartilage is not confined to

articulating joints, articular cartilage, especially from

weight bearing joints, is an area of intense research

because arthritis, joint injuries and joint

abnormalities cause wide spread disability.

GENTAUR Chondrocyte Cell are convenient

and easy to use, allowing the researcher to focus on


Chondrocytes are differentiated cells when isolated.

They lose their differentiated phenotype after serial

expansion in monolayer culture. By the second or

third passage the cells are almost completely dedifferentiated.

Chondrocytes can be expanded in

culture and then induced to re-differentiate.

In addition ChondroMaxTM is designed to generate 19-CHON

cultures for experimental applications including

studies on the formation, breakdown, and

regeneration of hyaline cartilage, Osteoarthritis

research and the proliferation and differentiation of


GENTAUR cells, medium and reagents are quality

tested together and guaranteed to give optimum

performance as a complete "cell system".

Cell System Components


One Normal Human Chondrocyte Cell Product

(Cryopreserved or Proliferating)


One Normal Human Chondrocyte Cell Growth

Medium supplement ChondroMax 25 ml


Characterization of Cells

Cells are tested for the presence of Collagen Type II

at primary and/or after re-differentiation. Cells are

tested for sulfated proteoglycans with Alcian Blue

stain after re-differentiation. Please note, the

differentiation system does not attempt to redifferentiate

the cells to hypertrophic state. The cells

are re-differentiated to produce Collagen Type II but

do not necessarily produce Collagen Type X upon



Recommended Seeding Density 10,000


Typical time from subculture to

confluent monolayer

4 - 9 days

Cumulative population doublings

guaranteed using GENTAUR system


Quality Control

All cells are performance assayed and test negative

for HIV-1, mycoplasma, Hepatitis-B, Hepatitis-C,

bacteria, yeast and fungi. Cell viability, morphology

and proliferative capacity are measured after

recovery from cryopreservation. GENTAUR media

are optimized to grow specific types of normal

human cells. Each lot of medium is tested for the

support of cell viability and proliferative capacity.

Certificates of Analysis (CoA) for each cell strain are

shipped with each order. CoA for all other products

are available upon request.

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