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Protein Arrays

By revealing the complex relationships between proteins and both disease and health, proteomics will create unprecedented opportunities in the research and clinical arenas. In recent years, multiplexed assays become an important prevailing technology owning to their high-throughput, fast and cost-effective features, specifically in the pharmacogenomics arena for drug discovery and clinical diagnostics purposes. Microarray/biochip is one of the multiplexed approaches to determine assay information in parallel. Protein microarrays are compatible with hardware and software used by the DNA microarray, which has matured very rapidly over the last several years. Since protein microarrays would facilitate the analysis of protein-protein, protein-ligand or protein-drug interactions, as well as enzymatic assays, they are playing a critical role in an era of molecular medicine with potential applications in basic research and development, drug target identification and validation, drug screening, toxicity screening, lead optimization, animal surveillance, patient stratification for clinical trials and disease management.

Typically, protein microarrays are fabricated by depositing proteins (antibody or antigen) on 2-dimentional or 3-dimentioanl surfaces to generate addressable spots by a computer-controlled contact or non-contact robotic spotter. Various chip substrates are used to produce protein microarrays, such as glass and silicon surfaces coated with a chemically or physically functional layer for covalent or non-covalent immobilization of proteins or other capture reagents. Assays on protein microarrays utilize small volumes of biological samples and simultaneously determine abundance of interested analytes. Protein microarrays can be processed manually and automatically. Quantification of microarray-based assays can be achieved by capturing array images with an optical device and using compatible image analysis software to determine fluorescent, chemilluminescent or colorimetric intensity of each spot on array images.

US Biomax's microarray system for proteomics will be combined with its animal surveillance and protein profiling microarrays, efficient microfluidics and cost-effective colorimetric detection. Our products will allow high-throughput, fast, content-rich, inexpensive and reproducible quantitative analysis of multiple analyses in parallel. The viability of our microarray technology for proteomics applications, including the development of drug screening and toxicity assay and an immunodiagnostic assay, are being demonstrated.

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