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OmniPAGE 2D Systems

Mini, Mini Wide and Maxi Complete 2-D Systems

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The OmniPAGE 2-D Systems include both modules required for Slab Gel and First Dimension Electrophoresis and accessories, to provide a complete Mini, Mini Wide or Maxi 2-D system. The Tube Gel Module includes a rapid release gasket for easy tube extraction. Focusing can be accomplished in as little as three hours in the Mini Unit. Disposable capillary tubes are included for added convenience, plus 2-D combs and spacers which are color coded according to thickness for easy identification.



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Modules included in Omni PAGE Mini 2-D        Modules included in OmniPAGE Maxi 2-D




Rapid set-up electrofocusing

10 tube capacity

Extended accessory range

Enhanced cooling features



Tube Gel Units, inserts and accessories

These stand-alone, complete units for first dimension capillary/tube gel electrophoresis, Mini 10x10cm, Mini Wide 20x10cm and Maxi 20x20cm formats, include omniPAGE tank and lid, tube gel insert, tubes and blanking ports. Units are interchangeable with omniPAGE slab gel and electroblotting inserts.




                           CSL OmniPAGE Maxi 2D units                                                 CSL OmniPAGE Mini 2D unit



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