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Cat No. Product Host Format Size Application
E106 Wash Solution (TBS with 0.5% Tween)   ELISA kits 1 liter  
07-066 WASP, Anti- Rabbit Ab-poly 200ul WB,IP(R)
06-754 WASP, Anti- Rabbit Ab-poly 200ug WB,IP
07-037 WAVE/Scar, Anti- Rabbit Ab-poly 100ug WB,IP
05-618 WAVE1, 84.79, Anti- Mouse Ab-mono 200ul WB
07-410 WAVE2/Scar2, Anti- Rabbit Ab-poly 200ul WB
07-340 WAVE3/Scar3, Anti- Rabbit Ab-poly 200ug WB
14-408 Wee1, Active   Ag 60U  
06-972 Wee1, Anti- Rabbit Ab-poly 200ul WB
17-318 Western Blot Detection Kit (Chemiluminescent)   Kit    
12-305 Whole Cell Lysate, 3T3/A31     100ul  
12-301 Whole Cell Lysate, A431, Non-Stimulated     100ug  
12-514 Whole Cell Lysate, HEK293     100ug  
K0421005 Whole Cell Lysate, HeLa     100ug WB
K0421006 Whole Cell Lysate, HepG2     100ug WB
K0421007 Whole Cell Lysate, HL60     100ug WB
12-303 Whole Cell Lysate, Jurkat     100ul  
K0421025 Whole Cell Lysate, K562     100ug WB
K0421026 Whole Cell Lysate, MOLT4     100ug WB
K0421035 Whole Cell Lysate, Raji     100ug WB
K0421042 Whole Cell Lysate, SW1353     100ug WB
K0421043 Whole Cell Lysate, THP-1     100ug WB
K0421001 Whole Cell Lysate, 293     100ug WB
K0421002 Whole Cell Lysate, 3T3     100ug WB
K0421003 Whole Cell Lysate, A431     100ug WB
K0421004 Whole Cell Lysate, A549     100ug WB
A80-113 Whole Serum IgG Fraction, Anti-Human Goat Antibody 2 ml  
K0211853 Whole Serum, Anti-Bottlenose Dolphin Rabbit Ab-poly 2ml  
A10-110 Whole Serum, Anti-Bovine Sheep Antibody 2 ml  
A10-111 Whole Serum, Anti-Bovine Rabbit Antibody 2 ml  
A140-109 Whole Serum, Anti-Camel Rabbit Antibody 2 ml  
A20-106 Whole Serum, Anti-Cat Rabbit Antibody 2 ml  
A20-107 Whole Serum, Anti-Cat Goat Antibody 2 ml  
K0211139 Whole Serum, Anti-Cat Goat Ab-poly 2ml  
A30-109 Whole Serum, Anti-Chicken Goat Antibody 2 ml  
A30-110 Whole Serum, Anti-Chicken Rabbit Antibody 2 ml  
K0211859 Whole Serum, Anti-Chicken Goat Ab-poly 2ml  
K0211860 Whole Serum, Anti-Chicken Rabbit Ab-poly 2ml  
A170-103 Whole Serum, Anti-Cotton Plant Rat Rabbit Antibody 2 ml  
K0211889 Whole Serum, Anti-Cotton Plant Rat Rabbit Ab-poly 2ml  
A40-108 Whole Serum, Anti-Dog Goat Antibody 2 ml  
A140-100 Whole Serum, Anti-Donkey Rabbit Antibody 2 ml  
A140-112 Whole Serum, Anti-Ferret Rabbit Antibody 2 ml  
A50-102 Whole Serum, Anti-Goat Rabbit Antibody 2 ml  
K0211864 Whole Serum, Anti-Goat Rabbit Ab-poly 2ml  
A60-114 Whole Serum, Anti-Guinea Pig Rabbit Antibody 2 ml  
A60-116 Whole Serum, Anti-Guinea Pig Goat Antibody 2 ml  
K0211865 Whole Serum, Anti-Guinea Pig Rabbit Ab-poly 2ml  
K0211866 Whole Serum, Anti-Guinea Pig Goat Ab-poly 2ml  
A70-108 Whole Serum, Anti-Horse Goat Antibody 2 ml  
A140-105 Whole Serum, Anti-Kangaroo Rabbit Antibody 2 ml  
K0211869 Whole Serum, Anti-Kangaroo Rabbit Ab-poly 2ml  
A160-101 Whole Serum, Anti-Llama Goat Antibody 2 ml  
A160-102 Whole Serum, Anti-Llama Rabbit Antibody 2 ml  
A140-103 Whole Serum, Anti-Monkey Goat Antibody 2 ml  
A90-123 Whole Serum, Anti-Mouse Goat Antibody 2 ml  
A90-124 Whole Serum, Anti-Mouse Rabbit Antibody 2 ml  
A100-107 Whole Serum, Anti-Pig Rabbit Antibody 2 ml  
A100-112 Whole Serum, Anti-Pig Goat Antibody 2 ml  
A120-102 Whole Serum, Anti-Rabbit Goat Antibody 2 ml  
A110-121 Whole Serum, Anti-Rat Goat Antibody 2 ml  
A130-104 Whole Serum, Anti-Sheep Rabbit Antibody 2 ml  
A180-101 Whole Serum, Anti-White Whale Rabbit Antibody 2 ml  
K0211880 Whole Serum, Anti-White Whale Rabbit Ab-poly 2ml  
K0211854 Whole Serum, Anti-Bovine Sheep Ab-poly 2ml  
K0211855 Whole Serum, Anti-Bovine Rabbit Ab-poly 2ml  
K0211856 Whole Serum, Anti-Camel Rabbit Ab-poly 2ml  
K0211858 Whole Serum, Anti-Cat Rabbit Ab-poly 2ml  
K0211861 Whole Serum, Anti-Dog Goat Ab-poly 2ml  
K0211862 Whole Serum, Anti-Donkey Rabbit Ab-poly 2ml  
K0211863 Whole Serum, Anti-Ferret Rabbit Ab-poly 2ml  
K0211867 Whole Serum, Anti-Horse Goat Ab-poly 2ml  
K0211868 Whole Serum, Anti-Human Goat Ab-poly 2ml  
K0211870 Whole Serum, Anti-Llama Goat Ab-poly 2ml  
K0211871 Whole Serum, Anti-Llama Rabbit Ab-poly 2ml  
K0211872 Whole Serum, Anti-Monkey Goat Ab-poly 2ml  
K0211873 Whole Serum, Anti-Mouse Goat Ab-poly 2ml  
K0211874 Whole Serum, Anti-Mouse Rabbit Ab-poly 2ml  
K0211875 Whole Serum, Anti-Pig Rabbit Ab-poly 2ml  
K0211876 Whole Serum, Anti-Pig Goat Ab-poly 2ml  
K0211877 Whole Serum, Anti-Rabbit Goat Ab-poly 2ml  
K0211878 Whole Serum, Anti-Rat Goat Ab-poly 2ml  
K0211879 Whole Serum, Anti-Sheep Rabbit Ab-poly 2ml  
05-492 Wnt-1, Mc123, Anti- Mouse Ab-mono 200ug WB
12-434 Woodtide     500ug  
05-753 WT1, clone 6F-H2, Anti- mouse Ab-mono 200ug WB,ICC,IHC

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