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  • GENEKA's DNA-Proteomic Array is a novel system allowing the user to quantify the effects a particular compound will have on the DNA-binding activity of a large collection of transcription factors. It combines the simplicity of the Electrophoretic Mobility Shift Assay (EMSA) with the high-throughput power of the DNA microarray and at the end of the day gives the same result, in one fell swoop, as would hundreds of EMSA experiments.

DNA Microarray

In the past few months we have developed quite an expertise with DNA microarrays. Our arrays sport single-stranded DNA probes (carefully selected and validated) spotted on a glass slide with excellent chemical properties. Our multiple and exacting proprietary normalization techniques reassure us that our quantitative evaluation of gene expression levels are fully reliable; we also make use, for each target, of multiple validated probes and redundant spotting. We are quite proud of our Proteomic Regulator Oligo Microarray (P.R.O.M.™), which presents the most complete collection of transcription factor sequences available to scientists; but we can also assemble a DNA microarray custom-fit to your particular needs .

Micro Array

(P.R.O.M.™) Array Gene List
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