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codice: GT-786-108

Kills Proteases On Contact

For A Complete Inhibition of Protease Activities in Protein Extracts From Animals, Plants, Yeast or Bacteria

Ready-to-Use in Solution


Protease-ArrestTM contains agents to inhibit serine, cysteine, metalloproteases as well as calpains proteases. Protease-ArrestTM contains both irreversible and reversible protease inhibitors. Due to the optimized concentration of the various inhibitors, the Protease-ArrestTM shows excellent inhibition of protease activities and is therefore suitable for the protection of proteins during purification from animal tissues, plants, yeast and bacteria.

Simple to Use- simply add an appropriate volume of Protease-Arrest directly in extract or extraction buffer to inhibit protease activity.


codice: GT-786-190

A new Non-Animal Protein for your immuno-assays. 

Blocking Agents for Transfer Membranes

                                                                                                                                                                                                                        BAP-Sure BLOCKER

For improved assay sensitivity, clean background, and high signal-to-background ratio, GenoTechnology has developed NAP-SureBLOCKERTM - a blocking agent containing non-animal proteins.  NAP-SureBLOCKERTM  is free from biotin and other cross-reacting agents present in animal source blocking agents.  NAP-SureBLOCKERTM insures uniform blocking without non-specific binding of antibodies.  Because NAP-SureBLOCKERTM is non-animal protein, you can be asolutely sure that there is no cross-reaction with your animal source antigens and your primary or secondary antibodies.  Simple to use and better results than milk powder preparations.


NAP-SureBLOCKERTM is supplied as a pre-made [2X] concentrated solution.  Simply use  a [1X] dilution to block PVDF membranes and a [1/2X] dilution to block nitrocellulose membranes.

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