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Chuo-ku, Kobe

PSC-2391 PAb to Chk2 (NT)
PSC-2355 PAb to IRAK-M
PSC-2215 PAb to Acinus (CP)
PSC-2217 PAb to Acinus (CT)
PSC-2219 PAb to Acinus (human) (ID)
PSC-2241 PAb to Acinus (NP)
PSC-2499 PAb to Act1 / CIKS (human) (CT)
PSC-2501 PAb to Act1 / CIKS (human) (NT)
PSC-2051 PAb to ADAM10 (human) (CT)
PSC-2301 PAb to AIF (CT)
PSC-2239 PAb to AIF (human) (NT)
PSC-2267 PAb to AIF (ID)
PSC-2015 PAb to Apaf-1 (CT)
PSC-2223 PAb to APRIL (human) (ED)
PSC-2415 PAb to APRIL (human) (ED2)
PSC-2081 PAb to ARC (human) (CT)
PSC-3025 PAb to ARTS (human)
PSC-2287 PAb to ASC (human)
PSC-2065 PAb (purified) to Bim (ID)
PSC-2289 PAb to Bnip3L (ID)
PSC-1170 PAb to Bonzo (human) (CT)
PSC-2209 PAb to Bonzo (human) (NT)
PSC-2007 PAb to CAD (I17)
PSC-2011 PAb to CAD (mouse) (CT)
PSC-2515 PAb to CARD9 (human)
PSC-2073 PAb to Caspase-9 (human) (ID)
PSC-2071 PAb to Caspase-9 (human) (ID)
PSC-2327 PAb to Caspase-12 (ID)
PSC-2325 PAb to Caspase-12 (NT)
PSC-2201 PAb to CX3CR1
PSC-2093 PAb to CX3CR1 (NT)
PSC-1009 PAb to CXCR4 (NT)
PSC-1012 PAb to CXCR4
PSC-2323 PAb to DAP Kinase 2
PSC-1163 PAb to Daxx (CT)
PSC-2347 PAb to DC-SIGN (human) (CT)
PSC-2349 PAb to DC-SIGN (human) (ED)
PSC-2227 PAb to DEDAF
PSC-2059 PAb to Deoxyribonuclease II (human) (CT)
PSC-1141 PAb to DFF45 (human) (CT)
PSC-2107 PAb to DFF40 / CAD (I18)
PSC-2155 PAb to DFF40 (human) (ID)
PSC-2153 PAb to DFF40 (human) (NT)
PSC-1148 PAb to DFF45 / 35 (human) (NT)
PSC-1120 PAb to DR3 (CT)
PSC-2157 PAb to DR6 (human) (NT)
PSC-2147 PAb to DRAK1 (NT)
PSC-2149 PAb to DRAK2 (human) (CT)
PSC-3035 PAb to Endonuclease G
PSC-1123 PAb to Eotaxin (human)
PSC-2271 PAb to FLASH (CT)
PSC-1159 PAb to FLIP (NT)
PSC-1133 PAb to GFRa-1
PSC-1135 PAb to GFRa-2
PSC-2101 PAb to GPR15 (NT)
PSC-2003 PAb to ICAD (mouse) (CT)
PSC-2001 PAb to ICAD (mouse) (NT)
PSC-2025 PAb to IKKa (human) (C1)
PSC-2115 PAb to IKKa (human) (C2)
PSC-2121 PAb to IKKb (human) (C3)
PSC-2117 PAb to IKKa (human) (C3)
PSC-2335 PAb to IKKg (NT)
PSC-2329 PAb to IKKe (human) (CT)
PSC-2131 PAb (purified) to IL-1RAcP (human) (CT)
PSC-3017 PAb to ILP-2
PSC-2129 PAb to IL-1RAcP (CT)
PSC-2465 PAb to Interleukin-21 (human)
PSC-2469 PAb to Interleukin-21 Receptor (human) (ED)
PSC-2471 PAb to Interleukin-21 Receptor (human) (NT)
PSC-2489 PAb to Interleukin-22 Receptor (human) (CT)
PSC-2497 PAb to Interleukin-22 Receptor (human) (NT)
PSC-1007 PAb (purified) to IRAK (CT)
PSC-2123 PAb to IRAK-2 (human) (CT)
PSC-2505 PAb to Livin (human)
PSC-1150 PAb to MADD (CT)
PSC-2447 PAb to MTBP (human)
PSC-2351 PAb to NAK (CT)
PSC-3045 PAb to p53DINP1
PSC-2383 PAb to p53R2
PSC-1107 PAb to p62dok (human)
PSC-2451 PAb to PERP (human)
PSC-2443 PAb to PID / MTA2
PSC-3043 PAb to PUMA (a)
PSC-3041 PAb to PUMA (a / b)
PSC-1115 PAb to RAIDD (human) (ID)
PSC-2283 PAb to RIP3
PSC-2075 PAb to RIP2 (NT)
PSC-2253 PAb to b-Secretase
PSC-2249 PAb to b-Secretase 2 (human) (CT)
PSC-2247 PAb to b-Secretase 2 (NT)
PSC-1125 PAb to SIRPa (CT)
PSC-2409 PAb to Smac / DIABLO (CT)
PSC-2411 PAb to Smac / DIABLO (CT)
PSC-2143 PAb to SODD (NT)
PSC-1021 PAb to STAT1a
PSC-2233 PAb to Survivin (human) (NT)
PSC-2483 PAb  to TCCR (CT)
PSC-2481 PAb to TCCR (human) (NT)
PSC-2019 PAb to TRAIL-R2
PSC-1139 PAb to TRAIL-R1 (CT)
PSC-2021 PAb to TRAIL-R4 (ID)
PSC-2067 PAb to ZIP Kinase

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