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Primate Animal Model Services
wPrimate animal characteristics are close to human characteristics.  This is especially true in tissue structure, immune system, physiology, and metabolism. Nonhuman primate animal model has become not only a bridge to connect basic research and clinical application, but also an ideal animal model for human health and disease research.  
wAccording to FDA's regulation, all drug candidates for Neurological diseases, such as Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's disease, must pass nonhuman primate animal test before processing into clinical trial.  In addition, all cell-based therapies and gene-therapies are also required to go through nonhuman primate animal test before advancing to a phase I clinical trial.  Nonhuman primate animal models need to be established for the research of the following important human diseases, such as AIDS, SARS, Autoimmune System diseases, Old age diseases, and other gene defective diseases.
Biochain has teamed up with contract research organizations (CROs), which are fully accredited by AAALAC international, and exclusively focus on primate resources.  We have a very strong team of  scientists, researchers, veterinarians, and technicians, are engaged in developing nonhuman primate model for studies of drug safety, drug pharmacokinetics, drug efficacy, and cell and gene therapies, particularly for neurological disorders and aging-related diseases. Currently we have nonhuman primate models of Parkinson's disease and Diabetic disease.  We are able to provide the following services

  • Disease Models: Parkinson's disease and Diabetes
  • Drug efficacy test
  • Long-term toxicity including fetal toxicity testing
  • PK and PD studies in primates
  • Cell therapy and gene therapy test


  • Guarantee high quality service in facilities accredited by AAALAC
  • Unique expertise and clinical resources on disease modeling, including Parkinson's disease, diabetes (chemical induced and nature model) and others
  • Strong research and project management team including many well-experience scientists with Ph.D. and M.D degree.
  • Strong support from central and local government and academic institutions
  • Well established reputation and successful collaboration with U.S. research institutions and Pharmaceutical companies.
  • Access to rich primate resources (more than 30,000 cynomolgus monkeys)
  • Lower cost than most of the other competitors

Age associated decrease in Striatal 99mTc-TRODAT-1 uptake ratio from a monkey of 4 years old (A), 10 years old (B) and 15 years old(C) were measured by SPECT in our facility


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