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Phoenix™ Retroviral Expression System


Product Cat. No. Qty Price    
Phoenix™ Retroviral Expression System RVK-10001 1 Kit 724 €    
pBMN-GFP Retroviral Expression Vector PVL-10014 10 µg 420 €    
pBMN-Z Retroviral Expression Vector PVL-10011 10 µg 420 €    


  • Highly efficient gene delivery of nearly all dividing mammalian cells
  • Fast and high-titer virus production
  • Choice of ecotropic and amphotropic packaging cell lines
  • Easily create stable cell lines

The Phoenix™ Retroviral Expression System offers the most time-tested method for producing infectious, replication-incompetent retrovirus that can efficiently transfer genes into a variety of mammalian cell types in vitro or in vivo. The Phoenix™ system is currently employed in over 2,500 laboratories worldwide. It is based on Moloney Murine Leukemia Virus (MMULV) and allows for delivery of genes to most dividing mammalian cell types, including many difficult-to-transfect cells.

The Phoenix™ Retroviral Expression Systems comes with two retroviral expression vectors: pBMN-Z, a standard vector for expression under the control of 5’ LTR, and pBMN-GFP, which includes GFP marker expressed from an internal ribosome entry site (IRES). The system comes with two packaging cell lines: an ecotropic packaging cell line for delivering genes to dividing murine or rat cells, and an amphotropic packaging cell line for delivering genes to dividing cells of most mammalian species, including human. Both cell lines are based on the 293T cell line (a human embryonic kidney line transformed with adenovirus E1a and carrying a temperature sensitive T antigen co-selected with neomycin).


The Phoenix™ Retroviral Expression System includes 10 µg of pBMN-Z plasmid, 10 µg of pBMN-GFP plasmid, 106 Phoenix Ampho packaging cells, and 106 Phoenix Eco packaging cells.
Store vectors at -20°C. Amplify and store aliquots of amplified Phoenix packaging cell lines in liquid nitrogen. 
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