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Human and mouse shRNA libraries for RNAi
Ready to go shRNA expression vectors developed by Cold Spring Harbor Labs are available at Open Biosystems. Silence your genes today!


Mouse Embryonic Stem Cells
Mouse embryonic stem (ES) cells are now available through Open Biosystems.


Zebrafish Morpholinos
The Zebrafish Morpholino Library contains hundreds of oligos designed and synthesized to rapidly reduce gene expression levels.


I.M.A.G.E./MGC cDNA Clones
Open Biosystems is an official distributor of the I.M.A.G.E. EST clones and MGC Full-length cDNA clones. Clones are tested for growth and shipped in 48 hours.


Open Biosystems offers several different free e-newsletters to keep you updated on our latest product releases. The newsletters are e-mailed monthly. Click here to subscribe or change your current selections today!


C. elegans ORF clones Now Available!
Over 10,000 worm genes now available.


Open Biosystems Launches BLAST Tool!
The BLAST tool allows you to find your clone of interest by sequence quickly and easily. There is no better way to find the clone you need.


Incyte cDNA Clones and Libraries
Open Biosystems distributes more than 1.1 million Incyte clones from human and non-human species. Full-length cDNA and EST clones are available from human, macaque, dog and rat.


Priority Peptides Service
Purified peptides shipped in 2 weeks - guaranteed!


Online Antigen Profiler
enhances our Antibody & Peptide Services. Custom full service antibody production from peptide design to antibody purification.


Yeast TAP-Fusion Library
The Yeast TAP-Fusion Library (scTAP), created by the O’Shea/Weissman labs at UCSF, is comprised of 4,247 Open Reading Frames (ORFs) tagged with a high-affinity epitope and expressed from its natural chromosomal location.


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