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SynovioMax Growth Medium Supplement
Catalogue Number: 19-SynMax, 25 ml.
Ready to use, store below -20 °C

  • - Enhances growth rate of normal human synovicytes
  • - Increases the number of possible passages
    In vitro use - Not for animal or human.


The growth rate of normal human synovicytes in vitro is very low and difficult to boost under normal culture conditions. Such culture medium often need additives

Product Description

SynovioMax Supplement  is a ready to use solution containing all necessary culture supplements and reduce the time necessary to prepare complete medium.
SynovioMax Supplement is a sterile, concentrated (20 X) solution intended for use in a complete culture environment for the growth of human Synoviocytes. Each 25 ml bottle of SynovioMax Supplement is the correct amount of supplement for a 500 ml bottle of basal DMEM nutrient Mixture to which has to be added Antibiotics, HEPES 6 mM, Foetal Bovine Serum (2-10%) decomplemented at 56°C for 30 min.

Intended Use
SynovioMax Supplement is intended for use in conjunction with the afore mentioned media for the routine culture of normal human synoviocytes.

The product should be handled under sterile conditions and is not for animal or human use.

Caution: If handled improperly, some components of this product may present a health hazard. Take appropriate precautions when handling this product, including the wearing of protective clothing and eyewear. Dispose of properly.

Storage and Stability

  •  SynovioMax Supplement is stored under -20° C at our facility and is shipped on dry ice.
  • If the product is to be used immediately, thaw in a 37° C water bath or overnight at 4° C.
  • If thawed in a water bath, do not leave the product at 37° C for no more than 1 hour.
  • When stored at 4° C, SynovioMax Supplement is stable for more than 15 days.
  • If the product is not to be used within 15 days after receipt, we recommend storing it at below -20° C in a freezer that is not self-defrosting.
  • Do not thaw and refreeze more than once. When stored at below -20°C, the product is stable until the expiration date shown on the label.

Preparation of Supplemented Culture Medium
For routine culture of human synoviocytes, add one bottle (25 ml) SynovioMax Supplement per 500 ml of an appropriate basal medium.
" Medium culture 500 ml (in a 500ml bottle)
" Antibiotics
" Foetal Bovine Serum (2-10%) decomplemented at 56°C for 30 min.
" The content of 1 vial of SynovioMax Supplement
Keep the bottle at 4°C until used.

Good laboratory technique should be employed in the safe handling of this product.

This requires observing the following practices:

- Wear appropriate laboratory attire including a lab coat, gloves and safety glasses.
- Do not mouth pipette, inhale, ingest or allow to come into contact with open wounds. Wash thoroughly any area of the body which comes into contact with the product.
- Avoid accidental autoinoculation by exercising extreme care when handling in conjunction with any injection device.
- Handle the product under sterile area.
- This product is intended for research purposes by qualified personnel only. It is not intended for use in humans or in animals. Gentaur is not liable for any damages resulting from the misuse or handling of this product.

One bottle of 15 ml.

Selected literature
The SynovioMax Supplement formulation is based on published papers namely :


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