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ERICATM Electrophoresis/ PANTERATM Precast Gels

Better results in half the time

  • See results from SDS PAGE in 20 minutes
  • Obtain unparalleled resolution and band sharpness
  • Get exceptional consistency and reproducible migration from gel-to-gel.
  • Use a multi-channel pipetteman for rapid loading


ERICATM Electrophoresis System with PANTERATM Precast Acrylamide Gels give you maximum resolution in a minimum amount of time. This system is excellently suited for highly resolved and reproducible separation of proteins, peptides, and nucleic acids.

High-speed separation not only provides valuable time savings, but also minimizes dispersion due to diffusion and thermal convection and prevents induced lane distortion (Experimental Medicine, Vol. 20, No. 13, Sep. 2002). By incorporating a gel chamber design that enables the lower buffer to cool the gel cassette and using glass plates for the pre-made PANTERA gels, these gels can be run at exceptionally high voltage without overheating. This minimizes diffusion, prevents degradation of the gel matrix by heating, and maintains current flow conditions that yield exceptionally high resolution. Thus, you obtain consistently straight sample migration with sharper bands in half the time. For high-performance electrophoresis that provides maximum resolution in a minimum amount of time, look no further!


Gel-to-gel reproducibility

The exceptional consistency, tight bands, and reproducible migration distances make this system especially reproducible. In addition to facilitating interpretation of the results, this feature makes the ERICATM System particularly suitable for imaging applications since bands and spots (from 2-D gels) appear in the same location from gel-to-gel.



Photo: Courtesy of Experimental Medicine, Vol. 20, No. 13, Sep. 2002

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