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DiagnoKit™ systems are Enzyme Immunoassays used for the detection and quantification of potential allergens in food and veterinary growth promoters. The kits are provided with ready to use reagents and validated procedures for extraction and sample preparation, adapted to the particular matrix of interest. The breakable multi-well microtiter plate configuration allows a flexible assay format.

Allergenic Proteins

Item Specificity Linear Range Cat.#
Crustacean DiagnoKit Invertebrate Tropomyosin 1-100 microg/ml D0140
Hazelnut DiagnoKit Hazelnut Protein 0.5-500 microg/ml D0120
Peanut DiagnoKit Peanut Protein 0.5-100 microg/ml D0110


ImmunoSep™, immunoaffinity gels and columns, have been developed and adapted for using with complex matrices, allowing the selective extraction of several potential additives and contaminants in foods, water and biological matrices.

Natural Toxins

Item Capacity Format Cat.#  
Microcystin Immunosep 500 ng Silica S0140  
Microcystin ImmunoSep 500 ng Agarose S0150  


AbKem is specialized in the development of antibodies against a wide variety of food and environmental contaminants, as well as against compounds used in veterinary applications, such as growth promoters, hormones, etc.

AbKem's antibodies are characterized using EIA, RIA or other appropriate technique for their titer and cross reactivity properties towards different structurally related compounds. These antibodies may be used in several research applications and in the development of immunoassays and immunoaffinity techniques.

Allergenic Proteins

Specificity (Polyclonal raised in rabbits) Format Amount Cat.#  
Almond Crude serum 1 mL A2030
Almond IgG fraction 2 mg A2035
Alpha-casein Crude serum 1 mL A1010
Alpha-casein IgG fraction 2 mg A1015
Brazilian Scampi Crude serum 1 mL A1080
Brazilian Scampi IgG fraction 2 mg A1085
Brazil nut Crude serum 1 mL A2050
Brazil nut IgG fraction 2 mg A2055
Cashew nut Crude serum 1 mL A2040
Cashew nut IgG fraction 2 mg A2045
Crab Crude serum 1 mL A2020
Crab IgG fraction 2 mg A2025
Egg Crude serum 1 mL A1020
Egg IgG fraction 2 mg A1025
Hazelnut Crude serum 1 mL A1000
Hazelnut IgG fraction 2 mg A1005
Lobster Crude serum 1 mL A1070
Lobster IgG fraction 2 mg A1075
Peanut Crude serum 1 mL A1040
Peanut IgG fraction 2 mg A1045
Shrimp Crude serum 1 mL A1060
Shrimp IgG fraction 2 mg A1065
Soy Crude serum 1 mL A1050
Soy IgG fraction 2 mg A1055


Specificity Format Amount Cat.#  
Norfloxacin Crude serum 1 mL A1630
Norfloxacin IgG fraction 2 mg A1635
Sarafloxacin Crude serum 1 mL A1640
Sarafloxacin IgG fraction 2 mg A1645

MaxiBind™ proteins offer increased number of reactive amine functions on the surface for optimal displaying of reactive amines and immunogenic properties. These features make MaxiBind™ proteins the best choice for conjugate preparation in most applications, notably for immunization carrier purposes.


KLH (Keyhole Limpet Hemocyanin)

Format Cat.#  
100 mg in BES R3003-1
100 mg in PBS R3003-2
10 mg in BES R3001-1
10 mg in PBS R3001-2
50 mg in BES R3002-1
50 mg in PBS R3002-2
5 x 100 mg in BES R3004-1
5 x 100 mg in PBS R3004-2


MaxiBind OVA

Format MW Cat.#  
10 mg Lyophilized 44-45 kDa R5007
2 mg Lyophilized 44-45 kDa R5005
50 mg Lyophilized 44-45 kDa R5008
5 mg Lyophilized 44-45 kDa R5006

MaxiBind BSA

Format MW Cat.#  
10 mg Lyophilized 68-69 kDa R5003
2 mg Lyophilized 68-69 kDa R5001
50 mg Lyophilized 68-69 kDa R5004
5 mg Lyophilized 68-69 kDa R5002

MaxiBind beta-LG

Format MW Cat.#  
10 mg Lyophilized 19-20 kDa R5011
2 mg Lyophilized 19-20 kDa R5009
50 mg Lyophilized 19-20 kDa R5012
5 mg Lyophilized 19-20 kDa R5010

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