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MALDI-TOF Determination of the absolute molecular weight of the protein subunit(s)
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You provide us with:

At least 10 pmol purified native protein (for subunit molecular weigths up to 30 kDA) or 20 pmol (for subunit molecular weigths up to 100 kDA). For larger proteins more protein is needed. The protein may be ammonium sulfate precipitated or lyophilized. Please enclose a photo of an analytical SDS-PAGE, mention the %age of the gel, clearly mark the band which corresponds to the purified protein, and specify the molecular weight marker and the estimated molecular weight of the protein of interest. Recommend a suitable buffer for dialyzing (ammonium sulfate precipitate) or dissolving (lyophilized material) the protein. If this is not a standard buffer, add your buffer in sufficient amount (esp. for dialysis). Mention special requirements of your protein with respect to solubility and stability (especially important for membrane proteins).

Please ship the protein without cooling (lyophilized protein) or on blue ice (ammonium sulfate precipitate) to:

Avenue de l'Armée 68/B4
B-1040 Brussels

Our service:

Sample preparation and MALDI-TOF Mass Spectrometry of the protein. Determination of the absolute mass of the protein subunit(s).


Order Information:

Cat. Nr. DMW01
Absolute Molecular Weight Determination of purified protein by MALDI-TOF MS
Price: 225 Euro


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