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Neuronal Stem Cells

Neuronal Stem Cell Antibodies, Proteins and Research Kits


Rapid advances in stem cell biology and the on-going characterization of neural progenitor cells are creating unprecedented opportunities in the neurosciences.  To turn these opportunities into novel discoveries and innovative therapies, reliable and well characterized reagents are needed.  To meet this demand, we have put together an initial base of key reagents to study and manipulate neural progenitor cells.  We will be adding new reagents to this product line monthly, so please visit our website frequently for updates!         

Stem Cell Kits

Human/Mouse Dopaminergic Neuron Differentiation Kit (SC15000) is a system designed for in vitro dopaminergic neuron differentiation of human and mouse ES cells in a serum-free environment.

Mouse Oligodendrocyte Differentiation Kit (SC15004)  is a system designed for in vitro oligodendrocyte differentiation of mouse ES cells in a serum-free environment

Neuronal Stem Cell Expansion Kit-Neurosphere (SC15001) is designed for in vitro NSC expansion in a serum-free environment.

The following CNS stem cell research antibodies and proteins are available to order. Please note that each "Catalog Name" has a link to its order page

  Stem Cell Research Antibodies
Catalog Name Catalog # Host Type Format
A2B5-Monoclonal MO15016 Mouse Monoclonal Liquid, anti-IgM Purified
Islet-1 GT15051 Goat Polyclonal Affinity Purified
Nestin MO15012 Mouse Monoclonal Liquid
Nucleostemin GT15050 Goat Polyclonal Affinity Purified
Oct3/4 GT15052 Goat Polyclonal Affinity Purified
Oligodendrocyte Marker O1-Monoclonal MO15001 Mouse Monoclonal Lyophilized, anti-IgM Purified
Oligodendrocyte Marker O4-Monoclonal MO15002 Mouse Monoclonal Lyophilized, anti-IgM Purified
Sonic Hedgehog GT15032 Goat Polyclonal Affinity Purified
Tyrosine Hydroxylase MO20001 Mouse Monoclonal Liquid
Tuj 1-Monoclonal MO15013 Mouse Monoclonal Liquid
  Stem Cell Research Protein
  Protein Name Catalog # Species Type
  EGF, carrier-free PR15005CF Human Recombinant
  FGF basic (146 aa) PR15002 Human Recombinant
  FGF basic (146 aa), carrier-free PR15002CF Human Recombinant
  FGF basic (157 aa) PR15003 Human Recombinant
  FGF basic (157 aa), carrier-free PR15003CF Human Recombinant
  FGF-8b PR15004 Mouse Recombinant
  FGF-8b, carrier-free PR15004CF Mouse Recombinant
  Fibronectin, carrier-free PR15001CF Bovine Purified natural protein
  GDNF (Human) PR15007 Human Recombinant
  GDNF (Human), Carrier Free PR15007CF Human Recombinant
  GDNF (Rat) PR15008 Rat Recombinant
  GDNF (Rat), Carrier Free PR15008CF Rat Recombinant
  Laminin I PR15006 Mouse Purified natural protein

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