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    Cellulose Acetate System

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Cellulose acetate electrophoresis is an important technique in clinical diagnostics. This new range of cellulose acetate products offers a complete system solution for Research and Clinical Cellulose acetate electrophoresis procedures.

The Cellulose Acetate system is the ideal tank for both standard and wet cellulose acetate electrophoresis. This unit is designed for both routine and research requirements and is built to our high quality standard. The unit includes an adjustable support which enables easy and fast adjustment for different lengths of cellulose acetate strip.

To compliment this electrophoresis system, a range of cellulose acetate strips, kits and accessories is available.

CELLULOSE ACETATE GELS - a new complete range of wet cellulose acetate gels is available. These have the advantage that they can be used for a wide variety of clinical electrophoresis applications including haemoglobin, serum proteins for monoclonal gammapathies, urine proteins, isoenzymes, lipo and glycoproteins.

CellasGEL cellulose acetate gels are available in a variety of sizes and applications:- 2.5 x 14cm, 2.5 x 17cm, 5.7 x 14cm, 5.7 x 17cm, 5 x 24cm, 17 x 17cm, 6 x 7.6cm Helena, 5.7 x 10.2 arched.

KITS are available for multiple tests on serum proteins, haemoglobin, urineproteins and for immunofixation.

APPLICATORS - variety of rapid sample applicators are available for a selection of applications:
► Two specimen applicator for semi micro samples on strips 2.5cm wide.
► Four specimen applicator for semi micro samples on strips 5.7cm wide.
► Four specimen applicator for Haemoglobin samples on strips 5.7cm wide.
► Six specimen applicator for samples on strips 5.7cm wide.

             Specimen applicator

BRIDGES are available in a variety of formats for cellulose acetate sheets of
dimensions and for arched and horizontal Helena types of gels.

DENSITOMETER - to complete the range, a universal densitometer scanner and
software able to read 144 tests per minute is offered.


► Compact High Resolution Systems for Clinical Electrophoresis
► Can accommodate cellulose acetate strips up to 24 x 20cm
► Complete range of cellulose acetate gels and kits Range includes Densitometer, Scanner and Software

Typical applications: Clinical Electrophoresis Tests: Haemoglobin, Serum Proteins for Monoclonal Gammapathies, Urine Proteins, Isoenzymes, Lipo and Glycoproteins and For Immunofixation

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