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Unsurpassed Thermal Stability,
Hydrolytical Stability and
Superior sensitivity
Excellent compatibility
Less toxic than SYBR Green 1

Ultra Sensitive, Super Speedy and Much more.............
LumiteinTM Protein Gel Stain


- Highly Sensitive
At least as sensitive as silver stain by detecting as little
as 1 ng or less protein.
- No Fixation Required
- Extremely Simple & Fast Staining
Use the 30-min Rapid Protocol for excellent result, or the
90-min Basic Protocol for the ultimate sensitivity; no
overstaining with longer staining time.
- Super Fast Destaining
Destain in as little as 10 min using MeOH/H2O, or in 20 min
using water only.
- Very Low Background
- Excellent Compatibility with Existing Instruments
Can be used with either a simple UV-box (designed for
DNA gel viewing), a Dark Reader, or a high-end laser
scanner (See Figure 1 for spectra).
- Wide Linear Detection Range
At least three orders of magnitude.
- Perfectly Compatible with Downstream Analysis
Compatible with MS and sequencing.
- Stable
Staining solution stable at room temperature for at least 1

Glowing Products for ScienceTM
Figure 1. Two-fold serial dilutions of Precision Plus protein standard (Bio-Rad) were
separated via SDS-PAGE and then stained with either LumiteinTM or SYPRO Ruby according to
the manufacturer-recommended protocols. Images were taken with GE Typhoon Trio using 532
nm excitation and 610BP30 emission filter.

* Lumitein and its related technologies are covered by pending US and international patents.
** SYPRO is a registered trademark of Molecular Probes, Inc.

Coomassie Blue, SYPRO Ruby (Invitrogen), Deep-purple (GE) and Krypton (Piece).



- Protein Gel Stain is a luminescent dye designed for
detecting proteins in polyacrylamide gels in connection with SDS-PAGE.
The dye has many of the same desirable features that SYPRO Ruby
possesses, such as detection of as little as 1 ng or less of proteins,
compatibility with both UV and visible light excitation, excellent
photostability and a detection linearity range of at least 3 orders of
magnitude. However, Lumitein- has some important advantages over
SYPRO Ruby and other commercial protein gel stains. Protein staining
using Lumitein- is far simpler and faster than that using SYPRO Ruby.
With Lumitein-, protein fixation and staining is a single combined 90-
minute incubation process. In addition, gel staining using Lumitein-
generally has lower background than that using SYPRO Ruby. Finally,
Lumitein- is supplied as a 5X concentrated solution, which saves
shipping cost and provides convenience for storage and handling.
Lumitein- protein gel staining is compatible with downstream protein
analysis such as mass spectrometry and Edman-based sequencing.
Table 2. Lumitein- gel stain price list
Table 1. Comparison of staining protocols
Protocol Step SYPRO- Ruby LumiteinTM

step 1
15 min 50%
methanol/7.5% acetic
step 2
15 min 50%
methanol/7.5% acetic
Staining overnight
90 min (Basic Protocol)
30 min (Rapid Protocol)
Destaining 30 min 10%
methanol/7% acetic acid
5 min 30%methanol/15%
acetic acid (or no
Rinse step 1 5 min water single 5 min water
rinse (or 20 min water
rinse without destaining)
Rinse step 2 5 min water
Figure 4. 2-D gel of human liver protein lysate stained with Lumitein-. The
three circled spots were picked for MS analysis by Applied Biomics, Inc.
(Hayward, CA). The result confirmed that Lumitein- gel staining is fully
compatible with MS analysis (data not shown).

Figure 4. 2-D gel of human liver protein lysate stained with Lumitein-. The
three circled spots were picked for MS analysis by Applied Biomics, Inc.
(Hayward, CA). The result confirmed that Lumitein- gel staining is fully
compatible with MS analysis (data not shown).



Lumitein  125 Euro/40mL

 255 Euro/200mL

752 Euro /1L

Lumitein is sold in 5X concentration.




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