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Lab Nitrate Test Kit(Reference #80-L-NTK203)
The Standard Range Lab Test Tube NTK (Catalog No.80- L-NTK-203) provides all reagents necessary for 100 quantitative tests of nitrate in water and aqueous extracts of plants and some foods. The Kit detection limit is 0.5 ppm nitrate-N (0.035 mM nitrate) or 1.8 nmol nitrate/0.05 ml water sample. In brief, the procedure involves pipetting 0.05 ml of water sample to be tested into a test tube or disposable cuvette, addition of 0.9 ml of buffer, 0.05 ml of NADH and 0.02 ml of NaR. The samples are mixed and allowed to stand at room temperature or in a 30ºC water bath for 20 min. The samples are mixed with color reagent #1 (0.5 ml) followed by addition of color reagent #2 (0.5 ml) and mixing. After 10 min for color development at room temperature, the absorbance at 540 nm is read in a colorimeter or spectrophotometer. The amount of nitrate present in the samples is evaluated by comparison to a standard curve prepared using a standard nitrate solution provided in the kit. There is also a typical standard curve for the Lab NTK-TT provided along with the kit instructions, which are simple to follow and easy to use. Sufficient reagents are supplied for 100 nitrate tests including the standard curve. The reagents are supplied in 4 sets so that two sets of 25 determinations can be done at one time and then later other sets of 25 determinations can be done. This NECi NTK is sold with an educational discount for use in classrooms (about 10% off the standard price).


EuroPrice:  €354.49 ($389.94)

Lab Nitrate Test Kit

Field Nitrate Test Kit(Reference #80-FNTK-2000)
The Field NTK provides all reagents and equipment necessary for doing semi-quantitative analysis of 15 User Samples for nitrate and nitrite in environmental water samples and water-extracts of soil, plant tissues and some foods. Basically, the Field NTK uses the same environmentally friendly enzyme-based (nitrate reductase) nitrate testing method as the Lab NTK, except the Field NTK contains no toxic or hazardous chemicals. With the Field NTK, nitrate can be analyzed in 2 ranges of 0.5 to 10 ppm nitrate-N (0.5 to 10 mg of nitrate-N per liter) in the Standard Range format or 0.05 to 1.0 ppm nitrate-N (0.05 to 1.0 mg of nitrate-N per liter) in the Low Range Format. The User must choose to do either Standard or Low Range Nitrate Analysis - both can not be done at the same time with one Field NTK.

The results for the Field NTK nitrate test are evaluated using a 3 Nitrate Standards, which are developed by the User at the same time as their field samples, and a Precision Color Chart for estimating nitrate content of User Unknowns more precisely. All needed tools for doing the nitrate tests are supplied in the Field NTK. Small samples of User Unknowns are used with the Field NTK - Standard Range Sample Size = 0.05 ml or 50 µl, which is "1 drop" using the "drop pipet" supplied in the Field NTK - or - Low Range Sample Size - 0.05 ml, which is easily delivered to the reaction tube with a 1 ml transfer pipet supplied in the Field NTK. After the Nitrate Analysis is completed, the User can re-use the Field NTK equipment and Color Reagent to carry out a Low Range Analysis for Nitrite (0.05 to 1.0 ppm Nitrite-N). The Field NTK includes a handy test tube rack, which the User can re-use on future field trips. In the near future, NECi will be offering an inexpensive 50 µl pipetter with disposable plastic tips to make the Standard Range Analysis more precise.

Another formulation of the NECi Field NTK is also being developed where the user will need a hand-held portable colorimeter capable of measuring in the range of 540 nm. This NECi Field NTK will provide a highly accurate, but easy to use Field Nitrate Determination. This Field NTK will be available in different ranges for detection of nitrate from 0.01 to 1.0 ppm nitrate-N to the standard range of 0.5 to 10 ppm nitrate-N. The hand-held colorimeter will also be sold by NECi, but portable or standard colorimeters can also be used for these nitrate determinations.
Nitraat + Nitriet 

EuroPrice:  €97.00 ($106.70)

Field Nitrate Test Kit

Consumer Nitrate Test Kit(Reference #80-C-NTK-101)
Consumer Nitrate Test Kit (C-NTK)
for Home/Farm Water Systems

Safe, Accurate and Easy to Use
Complete C-NTK for One Water Sample +

The Consumer Nitrate Test Kit (C-NTK) provides the homeowner or farmer with a simple and safe kit for testing nitrate content of any water source (wells, animal ponds, etc.). The C-NTK is based on using an enzyme, nitrate reductase from corn plants, to convert nitrate to nitrite with the natural coenzyme, NADH, to drive the reaction. The C-NTK detects nitrate in the range most related to the U.S. EPA standard for the maximum allowed level of nitrate (1 to 10 ppm nitrate-N or 1 to 10 mg of nitrate-nitrogen per liter of water or 4.5 to 45 ppm nitrate). Why Nitrate is harmful in drinking water

The Nitrate C-NTK for Home/Farm Water Testing contains no environmentally harmful components and is completely safe to use. NECi's nitrate reductase (NaR) will be used in these kits. The principle is that the enzyme nitrate reductase using its natural electron donor, NADH derived from yeast cells, reduces nitrate in the water to nitrite. Environmentally safe dyes are used to detect the nitrite. After the color of the dye-nitrite complex fully develops, the color of the Nitrate Test is compared to a Nitrate Standard run at the same time as your water sample. An easily to use color chart for estimating the nitrate content of the water being tested is also provided in the C-NTK. Finally, the contents of the C-NTK is safe to discard in the sink or any drain after you have used it to estimate your water's nitrate content.


EuroPrice:  €42.00 ($46.20)

Consumer Nitrate Test Kit