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CappAero Single Pipette(Reference #IBZ)
Unique air vent improves precision
Ergonomically optimal design for the best working comfort
Choose the best pipette for your work - short or long
Fixed and variable volume pipette in one
Easy maintenance, extremely robust

EuroPrice:  €172.00 ($189.20)

CappAero Single Pipette

Qualitrox Micro Centrifuge(Reference #26-DW-41BR)
The Qualitrox Micro Centrifuge is considered to be an indespensable tooll for every laboratory. It enables you to spin down your Eppendorfs fast and easy. It weight is only 500g. It takes only seconds to spin up to 6 Eppendorfs and stop the centrifuge. This most convenient centrifuge reaches 6400 rpm (2000 g) It is ideal for putting on the refrigerator and reduce risk of loss of enzymes when opening tubes. It starts and stops in seconds.
The package also contains 1.5ml round rotor and a 0.2ml strip tube rotor. Also contains 6 0.5ml and 0.4ml adapters.

EuroPrice:  €340.00 ($374.00)

Qualitrox Micro Centrifuge