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GENTAUR > Disposable Airflow sensors

Gemini Sensor (Reference #2200) Box of 10

EuroPrice:  €75.00 ($82.50)
Neonatal Airflow Sensor(Reference #2300) Box of 10

EuroPrice:  €135.00 ($148.50)
Airflow Sensor Box of 10(Reference #2000) Sensors for the diagnosis of Sleeping Disorders, such as Apnea, Enuresis, Restless Leg
Syndrome, and Snoring. Our product line includes the following sensors based
on our patented polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) based technology:

- Gemini Sensors (Combined sensors for airflow and snoring)
- Airflow Sensors (Apnea)
- Snoring Sensors
- Limb Movement Sensors
- Respiratory Effort Belt
- Precision Chin Patch
- NeoNatal Airflow Sensor

The sensors provide a more accurate representation of actual breathing
patterns. PVDF can detect changes in a fraction of the time that it takes
thermistors and thermocouples to respond, due to the decrease in thermal
mass. The combined airflow and snoring sensor (Gemini) and thePediatric airflow sensor is the
smallest, most sensitive and most comfortable pediatric sensor available

EuroPrice:  €55.00 ($60.50)