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Western Blot recycling Kit(Reference #14-90100) Western Blot Recycling Kit®

Do NOT discard precious blots!! Strip Antibodies and Re-use Protein blots In Just 15-30 min.!!

Western blotting is a commonly used technique to study protein structure and function. Typically, protein samples are electrophoresed on SDS-gels and transferred to solid support (nitrocellulose or PVDF membranes) for subsequent probing with specific antibodies. Unlike advances made in RNA/DNA blotting, it has been difficult to strip antigen/antibodies and reuse blots.

Recycling of blots offers many advantages:

Effective use of samples that are available in limited amounts.
Comparison of images obtained with different antibodies in the same blot.
Confirmation of results with the same or different antibodies.
It is simply more economical and less time consuming to reuse blots.
The idea of reusing protein blots derives strength from the fact that antigen-antibody complexes (e.g., immunoaffinity columns) can be disrupted and the immunoaffinity column reused many times. However, commonly employed elution conditions in immunoaffinity techniques (low or high pH, use of chaotropic agents) have not been effective in stripping antibodies from protein blots.

ADI has now developed specially formulated solutions that effectively and almost quantitatively strip antibodies under gentle conditions. It offers the following advantages:

Advantages of New Antibody Strip Solution

1. Strip antibodies at room temperature (no heating is required).
2. No pungent smelling, mercaptoethanol.
3. Strip solution comes in 10X solution and it is ready to use. Just soak blots in the soln for 10-15 min.
4. Blots are reusable within 15-60 min.


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